Friday, September 5, 2008

I want this for my birthday!

I am looking for the best plan for my mother-in-law to teach my daughter the recorder. In looking up recorders, I came to this one:

Erik, the flutemaker, my dears, is a GENIUS!!! He is also a very nice person and has a lot of projects helping children, currently ones that previously lived in a garbage dump in Nicaragua.

I am afraid I want all his flutes.

But this is the one I am wholly in love with.

(Sorry I wanted to add the video here, but didn't manage, I am really not good at this blogging thing. Do watch it though, it is worth it!)

This flute is a courting flute with a pentatonic scale. It's sound deeply resonates with the soul. Prayerful, meditative...

Only now I am not peaceful because I REALLY WANT ONE!!!

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