Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Discoveries in the Head Department

It is a happy day! I made a very useful discovery today.

Like Meike, I'm still on a quest to figure out The Perfect Head. I used to just stuff the wool into the inner head tube, until I read this lovely tutorial
from Berry (who is also my hero a little bit *pink cheeks, shy smile* ), so I now follow her instructions of rolling a ball etc. But for the vertical string, I used to go through the bottom of the head, pick up at the side, go through a little bit of the top, pick up a little wool on the other side and through the bottom again (does that make sense?). And I was still not quite happy, I did not find the chin defined enough.

This morning I was experimenting with pulling the string under the chin and tying it on top, and that is when I saw it: if I pull the chin string forward slightly, it will not only give me a lovely chin, but a nice defined neck also! Like so:

Oh, very satisfied now. I'll try to push the top part down now for fat cheeks, like Christina suggests.

Dear, this dollmaking is highly addictive, isn't it? And I love these group of beautiful, selfless and amazingly talented dollmakers!

Still on the happy note: we had lovely doughnuts today, made the Hungarian way - well, almost, except for a ton of chocolate glaze. And, they were finger-licking good!

PS: No, I don't chew on my fingernails, but I do trim them very closely. :)


christina at bamboletta said...

Good work! A suggestion though.. make sure that under the neck is stuffed fairly firm and when you put on your tricot overtop that you really, really tie a strong neck. When attaching it to the body make sure to go though the head when stitching in. The reason for all this it to avoid what I call 'ghost neck' the neck is loose and then the fabric loosens making lots and lots of creases. You are almost better off with a bit of a thicker neck then a thinner on. This is my 2 cents :)I'm so happy that we are all making dolls, more children need these dolls and I too love that we are all so supportive of each other.

Life in the 20 acre woods said...

Dear Christina,

Thank you for taking the time to write. I admire your dolls, they have such personalities! Also, I can't believe you can be so productive with a small child and a baby around. You are amazing!

"Ghost neck" does sound pretty scary and I will make sure to follow your instructions. I wish there was a way to make a neck. But maybe not. Oh, well.

By the way, I did not manage the chubby cheeks. Maybe because neither of my babies ever had them? I do so like them, though...



Meikemuis said...

Yeah! That *is* a perfect head, well done!! Okay, so now I'm definitely going to give Berrie's head (er, that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean!) a try. I'm just going to make heads until I'm satisfied. That way, I'll have a nice stock and will just have to make some bodies to go with the heads. (oh dear, what am I saying...)

Fabiola Perez-Sitko said...

this is great info. thank you for taking the time to explain it...I myslef sometimes have the ghost neck issue and sometimes I don' I know what the problem is :)